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Publications of NTU «KhPI»

The Bulletins of NTU «KhPI»
by the chronology of the publication
Archive   2011  2012   2013   2014   2015   2016   2017   2018   2019   2020   2021   2022
by the names of the series
«Automatics and Instrument Making» ISSN 2079-083x
«Motor Car and Tractor Construction» ISSN 2078-6840
«Actual Problems of the History of Ukraine» ISSN 2079-0813
«Actual Problems of the Development of Ukrainian Society»
«Management of Financial-&-Economic Activities of the Companies»
«Hydraulic Machines and Hydraulic Units»
«Dynamics and Strength of Machines» ISSN 2078-9130
«Electrical Machines and Electromechanical Energy Conversion» ISSN 2409-9295
«Electrical Power Engineering and Conversion Technologies» ISSN 2079-4525
«Energetics: Reliability and Energy Efficiency» ISSN 2224-0349
«Power and Heat Engineering and Equipment» ISSN 2078-774x
«Innovation Research in Students' Scientific Papers» ISSN 2220-4784
«Innovative technologies and equipment of handling materials in mechanical engineering and metallurgy»
«Informatics and Modeling» ISSN 2079-0031
«History of Science and Technology» ISSN 2079-0074
«Mathematical Modeling in Engineering and Technologies» ISSN 2222-0631
«Science of Machines and CAD» ISSN 2079-0775
«Mechanical and Technological Systems and Complexes»
«New Solutions in Modern Technologies» ISSN 2079-5459
«Automated Electric Drive Problems.  Theory and Practice» ISSN 2079-8024
«Mechanical Drive Problems» ISSN 2079-0791
«Problems of the Improvement of Electrical Machines and Apparatuses» ISSN 2079-3944
«Radio Physics and Ionosphere» ISSN 2078-9998
«System Analysis, Control and Information Technologies» ISSN 2079-0023
«Strategic Management, the Portfolio, Program and Project Management»
«Technological progress and efficiency of the output» ISSN 2079-0767
«High-Voltage Electrophysics and Technology» ISSN 2079-0740
«Machine Industry Technologies» ISSN 2079-004Х
«Transport Engineering Industry» ISSN 2079-0066
«Philosophy» ISSN 2079-0783
«Chemistry, Chemical Technology and Ecology» ISSN 2079-0821
Scientific journals and collections of scientific papers of NTU «KhPI»
Advanced Information Systems
Cutting & Technological System Tools
Electrical engineering & Electromechanics
Energy saving. Power engineering. Energy audit
High Technologies in Mechanical Engineering
Integrated Energy Saving Technologies
Internal Combustion Engines
Leader. Elite. Society
Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering
Modern Technologies in Mechanical Engineering
Problems and Prospects of the Development of National Liberal-&- Engineering Elite
      Theory and practice of the Management of Social Systems
Publications on the program «The textbook of NTU «KhPI»
The proceedings of conferences
Indexes and bibliographic lists