The structure of service of the NTU «KhPI» Scientific Library users

Users will be served in the case of providing a library subscriber card.
A library subscriber card is issued to academic staff in the case of providing an identification document, to employees of NTU «KhPI» – on the basis of the orders of employment, to students – on the basis of the offer letter, to representatives of other organizations – on the basis of the guarantee letter.
The library provides the opportunity to take advantage of services and publications of any division in the reading room without the right of carrying out of publications outside the library.
Reading Room Services:
  • for students and academic staff of other higher educational institutions in the case of providing «The Common Library Card»;

  • for representatives of other organizations – in the case of providing an identification document;

  • for pupils of secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums – in the case of providing a school photo ID.

The User Registration Center
Library, 2nd floor, room 31, tel.: 707-66-40
Preparation of library subscriber cards, re-registration of users and preparation of exit checklists.
The Information and Bibliographic Department
Library, 2nd floor, room 33, tel.: 707-66-40
Information and bibliographic support of scientific events, reference and bibliographic service of users: making up bibliographic lists of publications upon users’ requests, providing bibliographic, subject and factual references; definition of the UDC identifier for the users’ publications.
Making excursions around the Library.
The Catalogue Room
Library, 3rd floor, room 42, tel.: 707-63-63
At the disposal of users there are traditional and electronic catalogues and databases, consultations on the search methodology and the rules of work with them, reference information about  availability both certain publications and publications on the chosen topic at the library collection.
The Circulation Department of Scientific Publications № 1
Library, 3rd floor, room 45, tel.: 707-63-63
The collection of this department is universal. It contains scientific, popular scientific, reference publications and more than 169,000 books and periodicals in foreign languages from the beginning of the XX century up to now.
The Circulation Department  № 2
MCB, 1st floor, left wing, room 6, tel.: 707-67-73
Contains publications on the educational program of students’ specialization of the Institute of Education and Science in Chemical Technologies and Engineering.
The Circulation Department № 3
MCB, 1st floor, left wing, room 7, tel.: 707-67-73
Contains publications on the educational program of students’ specialization of the Institute of Education and Science in Power Engineering, Electronics and Electromechanics and the Faculty for Computer and Information Technologies.
The Circulation Department № 4
MCB, 1st floor, left wing, room 8, tel.: 707-67-73
Contains publications on the educational program of students’ specialization of the Institute of Education and Science in Economics, Management and International Business, the Institute of Education and Science in Engineering and Physics, the Institute of Education and Science in Mechanical Engineering and Transport, the Faculty of Computer Sciences and Software Engineering and the Faculty of Social and Humanitarian Technologies.
The Circulation Department of Fiction № 6
MCB, 2nd floor, room 201, tel.: 707-60-82
Contains the Ukrainian and world fiction, modern literary and art periodicals, publications on literary criticism, art and architecture.
The Circulation Department № 9
5а, Vesnina str., 2nd floor
Contains educational publications on the profile of pre-university training of foreign citizens.
The Department of Rare Books and Manuscripts
MCB, 3rd floor, room 310
The collection contains publications of the XVI – the first half of the XX century. Subject references in the history of Kharkiv Technological Institute (NTU «KhPI») are provided.
The Reading Room for Scientific Publications № 1
MCB, 2nd floor, room 218 а, tel.: 707-60-82
The collection contains periodicals in Ukrainian and Russian, as well as theses defended at NTU «KhPI», dissertation abstracts, normative and technical documents.
The Reading Room № 2
MCB, 2nd floor, room 218, tel.: 707-60-82
At the disposal of users there are actual scientific, reference and educational publications according to the profile of NTU «KhPI» professionals training.
The Reading Room for Reference Publications № 3
Library, 2nd floor, room 34, tel.: 707-66-40
At the disposal of users there are the collections of reference and bibliographic, abstract and information publications, access to the electronic catalogue, access to the information and bibliographic, abstract and full-text databases.
The Hall of Electronic Resources
Library, 5th floor, room 79, tel.: 707-60-93,
Access to electronic resources of the Library. Organizing web-seminars for users.  Giving lectures and practical lessons on the topic «The Basics of Information Culture».
Creation of the full-text electronic resources of the NTU «KhPI» Scientific Library.  Consulting users on matters concerning placement of documents into the electronic archive (repository) of NTU «KhPI».
The collection of the Hall contains publications on CD.
The Interlibrary Loan and Electronic Documents Delivery Sector  
3rd floor, room 47, tel.: 707-63-63, Е-mail:
In case of absence of ordered publications in the collection of the NTU «KhPI» Scientific Library they are delivered from collections of other libraries, and are issued for work in the reading room. Ordering documents through the EDD System the user receives a printed version of the electronic copy of the document.
The Department of Cultural and Educational Activity
Library, 4th floor, room 69, tel.: 707-68-95
We invite you to visit literary soirees, creative meetings, lectures, contests of literary and art works, exhibitions of artistic photography, exhibitions of the works of applied art, thematic literary and art exhibitions, excursions around museums and exhibition halls.
The Documents Acquisition Department
Library, 1st floor, room 9, tel.: 707-60-17
Informing the academic staff about issued core editions, accepting orders for the acquisition of documents to the library collections, and registration of publications donated by readers.
Arranging the replacement of the publications lost by readers.