About the Information and Resource Center «Without Barriers»

We invite you to join the work of the new Information and Resource Center «Without Barriers»!
Our center was founded with the aim of:
• ensuring barrier-free access to information resources;
• support for people with disabilities;
• promoting motivation for learning and self-realization;
• forming tolerance to persons with special educational needs;
• focusing society's attention on the needs of people with special educational needs.
The main tasks before us:
• organizing barrier-free access to information of the physical and virtual environment of the University Library;
• developing informational competencies and academic skills;
• mastering the skills of working with open educational resources;
• assistance in the generation of an open information segment on the Internet by creating and publishing own electronic resources;
• informing on normative and legal regulation in the direction and methodical support to work with special categories of people;
• organizing a platform (physical and virtual) for the cooperation between university communities, communities of the city, the country, and the world on issues of inclusion.
At your service:
Individual information counseling
Lectures, practical classes, trainings in Teams / Zoom
Virtual Help
Feedback: we will respond in a way convenient for you
Our contacts:
Natalia Liabakh, Leading Expert of the Information and Resource Center «Without Barriers»
+38 (097) 737 1963 (Viber); e-mail: Natalia.Lyabah@khpi.edu.ua
Lidiia Bondarenko, Leading Expert of the Information and Resource Center «Without Barriers»
+38 (095) 420 4244 (Viber); e-mail: Lidiia.Bondarenko@khpi.edu.ua
Tetyana Palyey, Curator of the Information and Resource Center «Without Barriers»
+38 (057) 707 6895; +38 (068) 368 4014 (Viber); e-mail: Tetyana.Palyey@khpi.edu.ua
We are located:
National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»,
Scientific and Technical Library,
 4th floor, room 69, 2, Kyrpychova str.,  61002, Kharkiv,