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Media review: The poetess of the Era (on the occasion of the anniversary of the outstanding
Ukrainian poetess Lina Kostenko​)
Media review: «What's in your name?» (to the Day of Spring and International Women's)
Journey into the World of European Literature
Thank god for mom… (review of literary and fiction publications to Mother's Day) 
Media Review: All The World — Shakespeare (On the occasion of 455th Anniversary of 
Shakespeare’s Birthday)
Media Review: Terribly Interesting Books for Halloween
The world treasures: travelling throughout the oldest libraries of Europe
Media review: Family on the pages of literary publications
Media review of New Year's reading list for winter reading
Media review of publications devoted to the Day of Remembrance of Participants in the 
Elimination of Consequences of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant Accident
«Under the shade of sakura» (literature of Japanese writers from collections of the 
NTU «KhPI» Scientific and Technical Library)
Literary and art journal «Slavianyn» of the Kharkiv branch of the writers' union
Electronic Reading Room of literary and art journals
Literary and art journals on the Internet
Novelties of modern fiction
Scientific journals and popular science journals