About the Publishing Support Center!

We invite you to use the services of the Publishing Support Center!
The center was created with the aim of:
  • promoting publication activity of scientific-pedagogical staff and applicants for education;
  • increasing the number of NTU «KhPI»  publications in the world's authoritative scientific publications.
Main tasks:
  • providing users with current information promotion of accessibility and assistance in the use of information and analytical systems Web of Science, Scopus, SciVal, Google Scholar, Dimensions;
  • academic skills training (information and data literacy);
  • expert analysis of scientific editions for publications, information on quartiles of publications, formation of a successful publication strategy;
  • methodological assistance in fulfilling the formal requirements for scientific publications (especially creating the references);
  • support the NTU «KhPI» scientific publishing houses work;
  • comprehensive support in organizing the author representation in information systems (author profiles and identifiers);  
  • monitoring information about authors and publications based on author profiles;
  • popularization and promotion the observance of the principles of academic integrity and ethics of scientific publications;
  • ensuring a promotion of NTU «KhPI» scientific heritage in the global information academic resources and systems (log in, integration and indexing);
  • formation of a positive scientific brand of NTU «KhPI».
Services and consulting:
access to  Web of Science, Scopus та SciVal, work with systems;
registration and maintenance of author profiles  (ORCID, Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar);
methodological and technological support the operation of scientific journals official websites (Open Journal Systems platform);
loading academic documents in the  electronic repository of National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute».
Our contacts:
information and analytical systems, author profiles —
Olena Odnovolikova, e-mail: olena.odnovolikova@khpi.edu.ua;
electronic repository of National Technical University «KhPI» —
Olena Breslavec, e-mail: olena.breslavec@khpi.edu.ua;
support the scientific publishing houses work —
Yuliia Hlavcheva, e-mail: yuliia.hlavcheva@khpi.edu.ua
сompiling a list of used sources according to the requirements of the publishing house —
Nataliia Nepran, e-mail: nataliia.nepran@khpi.edu.ua
assignment of UDC to academic documents —
Victoriia Branchuk, e-mail: viktoriia.branchuk@khpi.edu.ua
We are located:
National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»,
Scientific and Technical Library
2, Kirpychova, str.,
61002, Kharkiv