Library today

The Library staff set a course for collaboration with other scientific libraries and for integration of its own generation resources into the world space. In 2006, the Library joined the project «Union catalogue of periodicals, received by the Kharkiv libraries»; in 2007 our Library joined the data bank of the Automated System of Russian Union Catalogue of Sci-Tech Literature and «The Interregional list of articles» international project. In 2008, the Library began to participate in the project «Electronic Document Delivery»; in 2010 our Library joined «The Prydniprovia Corporate Directory» project and the database of the Integrated Union Catalogue of Sci-Tech Information. In 2011, the Library joined «IRBIS Corporation» and the project «Electronic Library of Ukraine: Creation of Knowledge Centers in the Ukrainian Universities» of the ElibUkr Consortium. Within the framework of united internet resource the Library joined the International Association of Users and Developers of Electronic Libraries and New Information Technologies (ELNIT) and the Information System of Access to the Libraries’ Electronic Catalogues in the Sphere of Education and Science (EKBSON Information System) in 2012.
The Institute of librarian-curator was organized in 2010. The Library gives a master class within the framework of the International School-Seminar «Modern pedagogical technologies in education».
In 2012, the Library initiated participation in the project «The Scientific periodicals of Ukraine» on the platform Open Journal Systems of the network «URAN» to ensure the integration of periodicals and scientific collections of NTU «KhPI» into the world authoritative databases, electronic resources directories, scientific information retrieval systems and the world scientometric databases.
In 2013 there were created 3 new departments: the Department of Rare Books and Manuscripts, the Scientific and Methodological Department, the Department of Electronic Resources. The repository based on DSpace was put into operation the same year. There was also organized the distance learning course «Content Curator». In 2014, there was implemented an automated circulation in all divisions of the Library. Our Library joined the project «The Common Library Card for Kharkiv College- and Universities Libraries». There was also organized a free book exchange «Bookcrossing».
But no matter how many events we called to mind, the most important among them are completion of construction of the new building of the Library in 2012 and its official opening in September 2014.
The Scientific Library daily affably opens the doors of its new modern building for comers and goers who need to use the library collection and electronic resources available to it, regardless of their place of residence, work and study.
The total area of all premises of the Library is more than 7000 square meters. The new six-storied building contains 12 book depositories. At the disposal of readers are 6 delivery desks and 10 reading rooms.
Realizing the leading place of the Library in preparation of humanitarian and technical elite of Ukraine, Professor Leonid Leonidovych Tovazhnianskyi, the then rector of NTU «KhPI», initiated the construction of the Library to create the ideal conditions for scientific inquiry and training of the Polytechnic University students. Despite all economic difficulties in our country, the University started an important affair — construction of the new Library. The implementation of such a large-scale project became possible thanks to the efforts of a large team of the Polytechnic University staff.
Following the traditions of mutual support and assistance which had been laid by the first rector V. L. Kyrpychov and were maintained by all subsequent heads of the University, the team members and the NTU «KhPI» Alumni Association joined to the financing. The NTU «KhPI» librarians, readers and city residents got a modern Library building. The project of our Library was awarded the II place at the contest for the best facilities, built and put into operation in the territory of Ukraine in 2012 in the category «The objects of education and staff training».
There is an Integrated Library Information System implemented in the building. This system coordinates the work of the data center and the access control systems. It also coordinates the work of video surveillance systems. The systems of automation of the Library working process on the basis of the radio frequency identification technology (RFID), annunciation systems and UPS systems are also coordinated by the Integrated Library Information System. This system provides connection of more than 150 workstations, 2 servers and electronic storage. There was implemented Wi-Fi technology. The unique space planning decisions, modern design, compliance with the logic of basic library technological processes provided our users a comfortable stay on the territory of the Library.
The Library staff focuses on providing users with information and bibliographic and other services anytime, anywhere, from any device. Therefore, the role of the Library is determined not only by the size of book stock (about 1,5 million copies), but also by the quality of the offered services. Every year there are more than 1,5 thousand copies of novelty books donated by the Library readers, more than 9 thousand electronic versions of the documents transmitted to databases by the Polytechnic University students. There are several scientific biobibliographical projects implemented in our Library. These projects elucidate the scientific achievements of the best representatives of numerous scientific schools of the University.

If the capacity of the databases created in 1992–2006 amounted to 32 thousand records, then now the OPAC has more than 500 thousand records and more than 30 thousand full-text documents. Most of these documents are stored in the institutional repository of NTU «KhPI» ( Our repository quickly attained popularity among Ukrainian scientists and the world's scientific community. More than 5 million requests to the repository and to the Library website ( are registered annually. More than 50 million requests are made by the information retrieval system in the electronic catalogue. According to the results of rating of the web-presence indexes among the libraries of Ukraine our Scientific Library won the 4th place in 2015. According to the results of rating of the web-presence indexes among the libraries of higher educational institutions our Library won the first place.

The level of library automation allows users to find the fastest path to the document or information. It also allows to create the best conditions for education and provides an opportunity to make the intellectual work of readers more productive. And besides, users derive pleasure from convenient automated library services. The level of library automation gives the possibility to save such a resource as His Majesty Time.

The Library annually serves more than 20 thousand users and lends out more than 1,5 million printed items. At the disposal of readers are electronic document delivery, the advance remote order, practical and scientific and practical seminars, conferences, consultations. All services, reference information and consultations are provided free of charge.
In 2012–2014 our collection of scientific publications and the staff of 8 departments were transferred to the new building. The integrated information system was successfully mastered. The Library has become a platform for the meetings of writers, poets, artists, photographers. There are exhibitions of painting, embroidery and works of applied art, the concerts of pupils from music schools and the concerts of creative groups, which are held successfully in the conference hall. The Library staff members provide the information and bibliographic support of scientific events, organize exhibitions of scientific achievements of the University lecturers, organize virtual exhibitions of documents on the history of the University. They also give consultations for the editorial staff and the employees of the publishing houses that issue scientific journals and collections. These consultations concern a matter of the technology of transition of journals to the new platform, and also concern a matter of requirements of scientometric databases. These consultations also touch on a question of calculation of the impact factor and the citation index, and also touch upon subject of registration of ID numbers of scientists.
The Scientific Library joined the Open Access movement. The Library supports the organization of the system of scientific publications and the e-learning system on the basis of the concept of openness. Our Library is a member of four international organizations. It also continues to work effectively on the formation of information resources and their integration according to 9 international and interregional corporate projects. The Library resources are integrated into many global specialized search engines of scientific information and international catalogues.
The implementation of a clear system of organizational culture prompted the Library staff to the restructuring of professional thinking and to the development of creative initiative. Development of new technologies has increased the requirements for vocational training of librarians. Today there are 79 highly educated and erudite specialists working here. These specialists have the ability to work with creative people and with huge flows of information. 97,5% of them have higher education, 11,4% have higher education in several fields of study. They are able to process enormous amounts of data which were obtained by scientists in the course of their research. They are also able to choose the reliable and quality information suitable for management decision-making in the sphere of science. The experience of the Library staff in dealing with information, regardless of its thematic focus, is a valuable foundation. The work of the Library staff was repeatedly awarded with diplomas of the Ministry of Education and Science, with letters of appreciation from the Rectorate and with diplomas of various contests. The biobibliographical project of the Library was recognized as the best innovative project of «The Librarian of the Year 2015» contest.
There are projects which are created and implemented directly by the Library, such as «Rectors of NTU «KhPI» (KhPTI, KhTI, KhETI, KhMMI, KhPI, KhSPU: the biobibliography)» (11 lists); «The scientists of NTU «KhPI» to education, science, industry: best publications» (23 lists); «Graduates of KhTI» (materials to the series of virtual exhibitions); «The School of Electrical Engineers»: to the 130th anniversary of NTU «KhPI» (together with the editorial staff of the «Energy saving. Power engineering. Energy audit» magazine); 10 lists of scientific works and the project about the life of scientists «Books you should read».
The Library staff sees the prospects of its development in expanding of the introduction of advanced technologies. Our librarians also see the prospects of their development in the further integration of their resources into the global information space and in collaboration with all those who work in the field of education, science, production and culture for the benefit of prosperity of Ukraine and for the sake of peace and goodness in the world.

The motto of the Library which sounds like «We are open for comers and goers, regardless of their place of work and study» helps to attract different categories of people to the readership.