Interlibrary Loan and Electronic Document Delivery Services

61002, Kharkiv, 2, Kyrpychova str.,
Scientific and Technical Library, 3nd floor, room 47
tel: 707-63-63

Interlibrary loan and electronic document delivery services (ILL and EDD) of the NTU «KhPI» Scientific and Technical Library can be used by scientists, lecturers, postgraduates, students of NTU «KhPI», libraries of other organizations, enterprises and institutions.

  • Interlibrary loan (ILL) allows the NTU «KhPI» Scientific and Technical Library card holders access to publications that are not available from the Library's collections.
  • You can use journals and books lent out through ILL in the Reading Room.
  • Using electronic document delivery service (EDD) our readers can order electronic copies of articles from scientific journals and fragments of the books of up to 30 pages in a hard-copy form.
  • The order quantity should not exceed 5 articles.
  • It is necessary to make a request by filling out а requisition form and bringing completed form to the Library, 3nd floor, room 47 or by e-mail:
  • The person responsible for receiving the publication provides to the Scientific and Technical Library a letter of guarantee and a requisition form with the seal of the organization and the signature of the responsible person.
  • Libraries of Ukraine (ILL subscribers) can obtain an original text, a xerocopy or an electronic copy of separate articles from periodicals, fragments of books, dissertation abstracts - no more than 30 pages on the basis of the requisition form.
  • It is NECESSARY to specify the form of order execution (original text, xerocopy, electronic copy).     
  • The period of use of the document is 30 days.
  • Extension of the period of use of the document is allowed.
  • The following types of materials are not available through ILL and EDD:
    • publications that have a polygraphic value;
    • reference editions (dictionaries, reference books, encyclopedias);
    • manuscripts;
    • theses;
    • large size publications, maps;
    • files of newspapers and magazines;
    • valuable and rare publications.