Open Education

Online courses, adult education (lifelong learning)
An electronic platform is for adult learning in Europe. By registering on the platform, you can share resources and events; publish articles; find partners from Europe for your projects, as well as exchange ideas and best practices.
It is a scalable online learning platform that offers access to world-class learning anytime, anywhere (access to online courses and degrees from leading universities and companies).
Online education platform in Ukraine. Prometheus creates its own online courses on the most popular topics. More than 200 online courses on various topics
Educational Era (EdEra) is an online education studio. Creates online courses, special projects, interactive textbooks and educational blogs. Their mission is to make education in Ukraine qualitative and accessible.
Online platform for non-formal education: the policy of adult education and the policy of lifelong learning education in Ukraine, as well as professionalization of specialists in the field of adult education.
Platform of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine for teaching digital literacy. Develops its own courses using pan-European standards for teaching and assessing digital competence.