This study guide is a logical continuation of the study guide «Teoriia vyznachnykiv. Metody obchyslennia vyznachnykiv N-ho poriadku» [The Theory of Determinants. Methods to Calculate N-th order Determinants]. As well as in the previous one, the attention has been paid to the topics that are not included or completely absent in the linear algebra basic curriculum. In this textbook, the authors propose to consider the use of the recurrence relation method for calculating determinants. Problems-solving techniques and essential theoretical content have been provided. The examples of advanced-type problems solving have been given. The introduced mathematical concepts and methods for solving problems are followed with numerous examples. Exercises with answers for individual work have been provided. The examples improve mathematical thinking and encourage students to explore theory more fully and deeper.

Presented training materials have been collected by the authors from many textbooks and have been added with their own practices.

Intended for students in the areas of training «Applied Mathematics» and «Computer Science» and for students interested in mathematics, because most of proposed material is presented with tasks of increased complexity.

The compilers' purpose is to improve students’ math skills.

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