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Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

December 6 is the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!  We sincerely congratulate the staff of the Military Institute for Tank Troops of NTU «KhPI» and all military personnel on the holiday! We are proud of every defender of Ukraine! YOU ARE UNBREAKABLE HEROES!

The staff of the Scientific and Technical Library expresses immense gratitude to every defender who, risking his own life, fulfills his civic and military duty with honor and dignity, courageously faces the enemy encroachment on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our state. However, at this difficult time for our country we realized that a strong state begins with a strong army.
Military service in the ranks of the Ukrainian Army is not only a profession, for most of you it is a lifelong task. You protect the Motherland, its national interests, and provide peace.
Today you demonstrate courage, indomitability, indomitability, will and a great desire to defeat the enemy.
From the history of the holiday:
The Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was established in 1993 according to the resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
This holiday is celebrated annually on December 6, the day of the adoption of the Law of Ukraine «On the Armed Forces of Ukraine» in 1991.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine is a military body is tasked with the defense of Ukraine according to the Constitution of Ukraine, the protection of its sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability.
The Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the President of Ukraine.
The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in peacetime and wartime is performed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine guarantee our state independence, security and confidence in the future. You are a model of patriotism and courage!
The Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a holiday of brave people, thanks to their indomitable spirit our country remains a sovereign independent state!
Please accept sincere congratulations! Cossack courage, grandfatherly dignity, parental wisdom, unbending willpower and faith in your own strength!
Good health and strength to every soldier!
Memory eternal to the fallen heroes who gave their lives for Ukraine!