The purpose of the text-book «About Ukraine — with love!» is the formation of international students' skills in reading unadapted texts of cultural nature, familiarity with the Ukrainian history, culture, traditions and customs of Ukrainians, Ukrainian cities and iconic sites of Ukraine, as well as with associated legends.
Selection of the language material is determined by program requirements for international students' proficiency in learning the cultural realities of the country in which they get their education — Ukraine. Lexical and grammatical minimum of the text-book includes language units necessary to international students to communicate in the socio-cultural space of Ukraine.
The text-book includes more than 30 lessons, grouped into 4 sections: 1) The pages of History; 2) Cities of Ukraine; 3) Legends of the Crimea; 4) The traditions of Ukrainians. It should be noted that the first section («The pages of History») in any way is not a systematic exposition of History of Ukraine, and not a substitute for a History textbook. The authors suggest the foreign readers to get acquainted only with some episodes from the life of the country.
Each lesson contains the vocabulary with translation into English and German; verb government is given. In addition, the lesson includes a text, questions to the text, and tasks aimed at foreign students’ learning common-literary vocabulary. The lessons are provided with cultural notes.
The tasks require repeated recourse to the text. Lexical work (search of synonyms, antonyms, word-formation models, etc.), transformation of complex syntactic and grammatical structures, reproduction of the text based on key words and word combinations contribute to a more complete assimilation of the information contained in the texts.
The text-book is addressed to foreign students, trainees, students of language courses who mastered the Russian language at the threshold level (B1) and continue training one way or another. The text-book is aimed at 120 hours of training. It can be used both for training under the guidance of a teacher, and for the students' independent work.