An academic discipline «Didactic systems at High School» is one of the directions of the course «Pedagogy of High School» and a logical continuation of a holistic system of psychological and pedagogical future teachers training of higher educational establishments.

The manual covers the principal parts of Didactics of High School. A significant part of the tasks at practical classes focused on self-education and self-improvement of future teachers and to make deeper knowledge on the learning theory at higher educational establishments.

The main objectives of the course are: to form a notion about the nature and content of didactic systems, concepts and models of learning; to give a brief overview of normative documents of organizing the didactic process at High School; to promote mastering basic categories of learning theory, structural components of didactic technologies and means of their realization and the formation of ideas about the structure, principles of organization of students’learning process.

The manual was prepared for postgraduates, specialty 8.18010021«Pedagogy of High School». The course «Didactic systems at Higher School» is taught during two terms, is designed for 150 hours of training.