In the monograph the formation and the development of scientific research and chemistry vocational education at KhTI and KhCTI based on the foundational original sources have been analyzed.
Organizing Research was carried out by searching for effective forms of the institute science functioning — from the creation of educational departments in chemistry and chemical technology (18851920) and creation of research departments (19211929) to a complex of chemical, chemical-technological departments and scientific -research sector (19301949).
The process of chemistry institutionalizing at the institute was accompanied by the organizing of professional scientific and student associations, research institutes. The role of leading chemists in the creation of scientific institutions and chemical enterprises of Ukraine was determined and their contribution to the development of chemistry was assessed.
The authors analyze the system of academic and teaching staff training at the institutes. The directions of the chemical engineer's professionalization training corresponded to the concept of a higher technical school: technological – branch – polytechnic. These types differ in the level of the practical and production cycle organization, teaching methods and etc.
The publication is intended for History of Science and Technology experts. It can be used for teaching the discipline «Introduction to the Specialty» of the direction «Chemical Technology and Engineering» and «Food Technology».