Taking into account the European integration aspirations, reforming the state and regional government system is underway in Ukraine: for example, new central executive bodies are being created, decentralization and increasing the role of local self-government bodies are taking place, the efficiency of public management is being improved and so on.

Under such rapidly evolving conditions, future specialists should timely update their knowledge of the legal and regulatory framework, be able to adapt to changes, and also propose new development vectors as active participants in the processes of state-building.

In addition, the development of a knowledge economy puts forward new requirements for the qualifications and workers’ personal qualities in all spheres of economic activity, enhances the creative work significance, requires increased responsibility and initiative of personnel. A necessary condition for this purpose is a comprehensive theoretical and practical training of future specialists to become high-qualified professionals at any managerial position in the field of management and administration.

The course «State and Regional Management» is based on a background study of general training discipline «Economic Theory» and refers to the cycle of vocational training disciplines.

The aim of the course «State and Regional Management» is to form students' modern thinking and experience in the field of management at the national and regional levels; the acquisition of skills and competencies necessary to fulfill the tasks of professional managerial activity, as well as participation in the performance of the functions of state authorities and local self-government.

According to the results of the course students should: know the methodological and organizational foundations and principles of management at the state and regional levels; understand the peculiarities of public administration in various spheres of public life; analyze the role of different branches of government in the process of public administration; learn the legal framework of public authorities functioning; know the structure, competence and powers of state authorities and local self-government; learn the basics of management of a public authority; learn the principles of building a state service system in Ukraine; be able to make management decisions; evaluate the effectiveness of public administration; be able to formulate problems of  public authorities functioning; suggest ways to reform the public administration system in Ukraine.

While writing a textbook as well as a previously written a laboratory manual, the authors have used the experience of teaching the discipline «State and Regional Management» at National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute».

The manual is intended for students of higher educational institutions majoring 073 «Management». It is intended to help students in course training, and for teachers in conducting lecture and practical classes; develops skills of operation with scientific and educational literature, regulatory legal acts, as well as gain professional competencies in management and administration.

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