The study of leadership in student groups in modern psychological and pedagogical science is gaining more particular importance. Society needs active, competent persons able to make their own decisions being ready to take responsibility for their fulfilment, who are able to set goals and to design ways to achieve them, who have a communicative competence and the ability to build proper relationships with other people. Nowadays the country needs effective leaders who can ensure the success of the teams that they lead.

Leadership in student groups is an insufficiently explored problem. In general, all investigations of this problem are carried in the field of psychology. In Pedagogical Sciences the problem of forming the leaders during university studies is paid a little attention, although this period is extremely important for disclosure, development and revitalization of students’ leadership potential.

The main objective of the course «Psychology of Management Activity of Leader» is formation of ideas about the role and content of the psychological component of Psychology of Management Activity of Leader; Diagnosis and disclosure of leadership potential, its activation and its formation in the educational process.