Program study course «Psychology»  provides, the study of theoretical questions at the lectures as well as conducting practical and other types of group classes. Their goal is to teach students to use the psychological methods of diagnostic of level of cognitive, emotional and volitional and communicative person’s mental processes; methods of analysis of cognitive motivation and to give them a clear idea how to practise psychological and pedagogical knowledge in their future profession.

The practical guide provides a number of tasks relating to the management skills development in order to focus students on the professional growth and building a career.  It’s very important for a future leader to have skills to examine and describe the individual in all its aspects (processes, conditions, values etc). From his skill and ability to competently and professionally guide the subordinates will depend not only personal career development, but also the welfare of the entire production team. And these skills to a great extent can be formed precisely during lessons of Psychology. The fact is that the distinguishing feature of modern Psychology is its orientation on practice and the desire to use a wide range of forming the active methods of influence on a person: from consultations to psychotrainings.

Not only his personal career growth, but also the prosperity of the entire production team will depend on the ability and professional leadership.

Psychology Workshop is designed for practical and seminars on «Psychology», «Foundations of Professional Psychology» subjects for students of technical high schools of all disciplines, as well as for independent work on the content of these courses.