Morachkovskii Oleg Kostiantynovych

Morachkovskii Oleg Kostiantynovych is Head of the Department of Theoretical Mechanics of National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute», Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.
Born on January 11, 1946 in the family of a military man.
In 1964, after finishing secondary school, he became a student of the Engineering Physics Faculty of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, majoring in Dynamics and Strength of Machines.
After successful defense his graduate thesis in 1970, O. K. Morachkovskii remained working as a teacher at the Department of Dynamics and Strength of Machines; held the positions of Assistant and Associate Professor.
In 1973 he defended Ph.D. thesis on the topic «Issledovanie anizotropnoy polzuchesti elementov konstruktsiy» [Investigation of the anisotropic creep of structural elements].
Oleg Kostiantynovych was simultaneously engaged in teaching and fruitful scientific research.
Working on doctoral dissertation, he created a scientific group for further research. In the late 70's. the cooperation between O. K. Morachkovskii’s scientific group with the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology (NAS KIPT) began, which continues to this day.
In 1979-1980 Associate Professor O. K. Morachkovskii was on one-year scientific probation at universities in the UK. He worked at universities of London (Imperial College) and Edinburgh (the University of Edinburgh), enriching his experience in the mechanics of a deformable solid.
In 1985 he brightly defended doctoral thesis «Razrabotka metodov rascheta na polzuchest anizotropnyih elementov mashinostroitelnyih konstruktsiy» [Development of methods for calculating the creep of anisotropic elements of engineering structures].
In 1989 he received the title of Professor of the Department of Dynamics and Strength of Machines and worked as a Professor of this department until August 1995.
Since 1995 Oleg Kostiantynovych has been heading the Department of Theoretical Mechanics of the Engineering Physics Faculty of NTU «KhPI».
For great scientific achievements Professor O. K. Morachkovskii has been awarded numerous titles and honours. He is an academician of the Academy of Sciences of Higher Education of Ukraine; a not-a-single-time Laureate of Academician G. F. Proskura Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; the winner of the regional competition «Higher School of Kharkiv Region — the Best Names» in the nomination «Head of the Department»; a member of the New York Academy of Sciences; a member of the National Committee of Ukraine on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics; a member of European scientific societies EUVROMECH; GAMM (the European Mechanics Society; Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik), and et al.
For students of the specialty «Dynamics and Strength of Machines» for the first time in the Soviet Union, he has developed a training course in structural strength.
Being Head of the Department of Theoretical Mechanics he has updated
the theoretical and analytical mechanics courses for students of the specialty «Dynamics and Strength»; has developed the foundations of methodical maintenance for teaching theoretical mechanics at all faculties of the university.
For the first time in Ukraine, together with his team he has created a distance course in theoretical mechanics, based on a unique computer workshop and run by means of the specialized software Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines (KIDIM).
Following the creation of a new research area in fundamental mechanical training at the Faculty of Engineering and Physics (2003) — the specialty «Hydroaerodynamics», later called «Continuum Mechanics», Professor O. K. Morachkovskii has developed a fundamentally new course in the theory of elasticity, which reflects the characteristics of the discipline, needed for future fluid and gas mechanics professionals.
The scientific potential of O. K. Morachkovskii totals more than 200 scientific, training and methodological publications, including monographs, textbooks, and training manuals.
Identifier ORCID0000-0001-5466-5110
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