This educational textbook is designed for international students who study at the preparatory departments. In the textbook students can find the topics to be covered during the Math educational course. Over 500 graduated worked examples are accompanied by systematic explanation to progressively build understanding and offer a logical path through the syllabus in the textbook. Several versions of their solutions, as well as several variants of any possible forms of answers are offered. The special attention to the basic concepts of the theory and basic methods of solutions in Mathematics are focused in the textbook.
The textbook consists of 12 chapters, which include the basic concepts of Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Math Analysis. Active learning style encouraged throughout, helping students really get to grip with the theory and getting them ready for successful mastery of higher Mathematics course.
Materials for studying are contained in the following order: vocabulary section, theoretical information, examples of tasks solving, topic’s test questions and tasks for self-study.
Authors believe that Math textbook should not just be a collection of mathematical facts carefully laid out, so the student can open it and cram in whatever formula they have to remember for tomorrow's exam. A Math textbook, especially for the students, should be full of questions, not just exercises. Questions that require some thought to answer. After all, «it's the questions that keep the students interested, not the answers».
The basic concepts of the theory and many examples of their solutions give the possibility to address gaps in knowledge, acquire the knowledge needed for all major sections from the school Mathematics, revise the theory and learn how to solve examples independently, without any other assistance.
This educational textbook may be useful for students of preparatory courses at universities, secondary schools, high schools and colleges. The book is also intended to be useful for Mathematics teachers who work with international students.