The proposed practical course on mathematical analysis is a textbook intended for students of higher technical educational establishments with an expanded programme on math disciplines. Following the programme 648 hours will be allotted to «Mathematical Analysis» course and 432 for self-study. This textbook is for bachelors training in the field of knowledge «System Sciences and Cybernetics» from the areas «Applied Mathematics» and «System Analysis».

The structure of the textbook satisfies the requirements of the credit-module educational system. The whole course is studied for 3 terms, divided into 9 modules, each of which consists of several submodules. Each of the submodules contains theoretical information, examples of typical math problems with solutions, an approximate set of math problems for working with the teacher in the classroom, tasks for independent work, options for individual home tasks and samples of modular tests.

At the beginning of each section, methodological instructions and math problems with solutions are given and should not be used as lecture material. It could be considered as a reference book. The formulations of the theorems without proofs outlined in the lectures and samples of typical math problems are provided. The theoretical part of the submodule contains the necessary definitions, formulations of theorems and math formulae. It is illustrated by various sums and exercises which promote the assimilation of the fundamental concepts of mathematical analysis.

The knowledge and skills will be useful for successful mastering further educational material and other mathematical disciplines.