Investigations in the field of linear pulse electromechanical converters are examined and analyzed in the monograph. On the basis of a unified mathematical approach, pulse power supply systems, processes in a cyclic mode of operation, in the presence of accelerating and braking phases for linear induction-dynamic converters have been studied. The influence of a ferromagnetic core, external electromagnetic shield and cryogenic cooling on the efficiency of linear induction-dynamic converters has been determined.

An optimization approach to the choice of converters parameters and various ways to improve the efficiency of induction-dynamic acceleration and braking are proposed. The application of linear induction-dynamic converters for impact devices, electromechanical accelerators, launchers, information security on digital media, ballistic laser gravimeters, etc.  is considered. The results of experimental investigations are presented.

The publication is intended for specialists who are engaged in the research and design of linear electromechanical pulse converters. The monograph can be useful for researchers, post-graduates and students of higher educational institutions majoring in «Electrical Machines and Apparatus», «Cryogenic Technology», «Mathematical Modeling» and «Information security systems».

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