Godlevskyi Mykhailo Dmytrovych

Head of Software Engineering and Management Information Technologies Department (SEMIT) of National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute», Professor (2000), Doctor of Technical Sciences (1994).

Born on May 27, 1950 in Kharkiv. In 1973 he graduated from Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute in the specialty «Flight Dynamics and Control», and after graduation remained working at KhPI. Since 1990 he has been Head of the Department of Automated Systems Management. In 1994 he defended doctoral thesis «Modeli, metody i algoritmy upravleniya razvitiyem iyerarkhicheskoy raspredelennoy transportnoy sistemy na osnove sistemnoy optimizatsii» [Models, methods and algorithms for controlling the development of a hierarchical-distributed transportation system based on system optimization].

M. D. Godlevskyi is a founder of the scientific school of complex distributed systems development management. The directions of his scientific activity are: the development of models and algorithms for decision making support in the tasks of hierarchical-distributed systems development management; coordinating decision-making; simulation modeling; system optimization.

Being a scientist and an organizer of scientific and pedagogical work, Mykhailo Dmytrovych is also:

  • Deputy Chairman of the Commission on Computer Science of the Scientific and Methodological Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;
  • a member of the expert council on natural sciences, computer science and mathematics of the State Accreditation Commission of Ukraine;
  • Deputy Chairman of the specialized council D64.050.07 of the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) of Ukraine at NTU «KhPI», a member of the specialized council D64.062.01 of the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) of Ukraine at National Aerospace University «Kharkiv Aviation Institute»;
  • the leader of a workshop on dissertations reviewing in the specialty 05.13.06 «Automated Control Systems and Advanced Information Technologies»;
  • a member of the methodological council and the international council of NTU «KhPI», academician of Academy of Sciences of the Higher School in the area «Informatics and Applied Mathematics».

M. D. Godlevskyi is a responsible editor of the scientific papers collection «Visnyk NTU«KhPI» [Bulletin of NTU «KhPI»], thematic issue «System analysis, Management and Information Technologies»; a member of the editorial board of «Skhidno-Yevropeiskyi zhurnal peredovykh tekhnolohii» [Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies]; a member of editorial boards of a number of scientific and technical journals of Ukraine.

Mykhailo Dmytrovych is the author of more than 150 scientific, teaching and methodical publications, including 4 monographs. He has been a supervisor for the preparation and defending of 2 doctoral and 15 Ph.D. theses.

Nowadays he teaches disciplines: «Decision theory», and «Models and methods for supporting decision-making» at the department of Software Engineering and Management Information Technologies (SEMIT).