Recently, issues related to increasing interconnection and interdependence between countries have been raised. The problems of globalization cause numerous discussions. Despite the fact that different people have a different understanding of the globalization process, it is certainly associated with such economic and political issues as strengthening global corporations’ positions in the world, liberalization of international trade processes, changes in the distribution of wealth between countries, acceleration of international trade growth, the emergence of positive and negative sides as a result of economic integration of countries, the effectiveness of leading international organizations, the environmental consequences of economic growth and international trade, and many others. All the above questions, as well as existing approaches to them are considered in the proposed training manual.

The course «Global Economics» is based on students’ knowledge gained from studying general economic disciplines, such as economic theory, history of economic thought, microeconomics, macroeconomics and international economic relations.

This course aims at providing students' understanding the processes of global economy formation, the laws and principles of its development, identifying potential prospects for the development of national economies in modern conditions, as well as effective strategies for realizing these prospects. In the process of the course mastering students should study the nature, prerequisites and factors of global economy formation, trends of global corporatization of business, genesis of global economic integration, mechanisms and tools of anti-cyclical regulation of the global economy, the action of competitive mechanisms of the global market, directions of Ukraine’s integration in the global economy.

The textbook contains a theoretical presentation of each topic, accompanied by practical tasks in the form of tests, which can be a guide for independent work and the organization of effective seminars. The final part of the textbook provides a list of sources of information and glossaries (list of conceptions and terms in English). Combining the theoretical and practical elements of the course enables students to gain basic knowledge of «Global Economics» course.

The scientific achievements of representatives of different economic fields, experience of teaching the subject «Global Economics» at National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute», and statistical material have been taken into account by the authors while preparing a new textbook.

The textbook is prescribed for students of higher educational institutions of the following specialties «Economics», «Marketing», «Accounting and Taxation». It provides an opportunity to improve the quality of lectures, to enhance students’ independent work effectiveness and practical lessons according to the current training course.

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