This training manual is intended for international students who study at the preparatory faculties for further entering Ukrainian universities, and is a logical continuation of the training manual «Mathematics», where chapters of mathematics in algebra, trigonometry and analysis were examined.
The manual consists of five chapters, which deal with the basic concepts of Planimetry, Stereometry, Analytical Geometry, as well as elements of Combinatory and Complex Numbers.
The material of the manual is set out in accordance with the curricula of mathematics for preparatory faculties for international citizens. In the training manual, special attention to the basic concepts of the theory and to the basic methods of solving problems is paid.
The training material of each chapter is presented in the following sequence: the vocabulary section, theoretical information, examples of solving problems, control questions on the topic and tasks for independent work.
The above basic concepts of theory and examples with solutions make it possible to eliminate the gaps in knowledge independently, to obtain necessary information on all the sections of mathematics presented in this manual, and to acquire the necessary practical skills in solving math problems.
The proposed training manual can be useful for students of preparatory courses of high schools, students of secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, technical schools, vocational schools, applicants.