Monograph has information about world resources and supplies, and also production of oil and gas, list about history of geology study and oil-and-gas bearing territory of Ukraine, modern sup­plies and production of hydrocarbon energy  resources, the geological structure of the distinguished bitumen-oil-and-gas bearing regions, there is also described areas and regions with deposits description. Consid­erable attention is spared to the scientific criteria of the bitumen-oil- and-gas geological districting of Ukraine territory and prospects of new industrial accumulations of hydrocarbons opening within the limits of Westukrainian, Eastukrainian and Southukrainian oil-and-gas-bearing regions not only in traditional but also in unconventional reservoirs (the rocks that don’t possess filtering properties and have considered as res­ervoir rock before). In this monograph there are also described termobaric terms in the deposits of oil and gas within Ukraine with aiming the data of temperatures measuring, initial layer pressures in wells and distribution of thermal streams in the earth’s crust. A separate chapter is devoted to underground gas storages and described attention to actuality of this UGS, problem for development of industry, economic position and people way of life. There is also pointed geological structure of UGS, existing for today on the pointed territory.