In the monograph the theory of optimization of flow paths of turbomachines is further developed by the use of up-to-date computer complexes.
For the first time a methodology for the object-oriented multilevel, multi-criterion, multi-parametric optimization of turbomachines is presented taking into consideration their mode of operation.
Integrated into the programs complexes for the optimization of mathematical models of turbomachines, the flows of the working medium in turboinstallations, which are part of the general optimization problem, are examined: the schemes of steam and gas-turbine installations, the system of nozzle steam distribution, regulating the turbine stage and the turbine flow path as a whole. The method of optimization, based on the use of DOE theory in combination with an LP-sequence search for the function extremum, makes it possible to effectively find a global extremum, thanks to the formal macro model newly developed by the authors.
A methodology is presented for the creation of a unified integrated information space for the optimization of complex technical systems, of which turboinstallation as a whole are a special case.
Concrete examples of the results of optimization of flow paths of contemporary powerful steam turbines and gas-turbine units are given.
The publication is intended for research associates, experts and graduate students in the field of power mechanical engineering.