Bolyukh Vladimir Fedorovich

Bolyukh Vladimir Fedorovich is Full Professor of the Department of Applied Electrical Engineering of National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute» (2005), Doctor of Technical Sciences (2004).
Born on September 1, 1955 in the city of Poltava.
In 1979 he graduated from the Faculty of Physics and Technology of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute majoring in Cryogenic Engineering.
From 1979 to 1982 he worked as an engineer-physicist at the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology of USSR Academy of Sciences.
In 1982 he returned to Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute to the Department of Applied Electrical Engineering. Occupied posts: Senior Engineer, Post-graduate, Junior Research Scientist, Assistant Lecturer, Associate Professor, doctoral candidate, leading researcher.
In 1986 he defended Ph.D. thesis on the topic «Razrabotka sverhprovodyaschih magnitov dlya lineynyih elektromehanicheskih preobrazovateley energii» [Development of superconducting magnets for linear electromechanical energy converters].
In 2003 he defended doctoral thesis «Naukovo–Tekhnichni Osnovy Stvorennia Elektromekhanichnykh Impulsnykh Peretvoriuvachiv Induktsiinoho Typu Z Kriorezystyvnymy Obmotkamy» [Scientific and technical foundations for design of electromechanical induction pulse converters with cryoresistive windings].
  • Doctor of Technical Sciences since 2004
  • Professor since 2005
Bolyuk's scientific studies are related to the use of cryogenic cooling in electromagnetic and electromechanical systems for various application, including the use of superconducting and cryoresistive windings in such systems and devices.
Vladimir Fedorovich was the first to propose and substantiate the need to use cryoresistive windings with high electromagnetic loads for short-range electromagnetic and mechanical devices.
He has developed mathematical models of cryogenic nonlinear systems with interconnected electrical, thermal, magnetic, and mechanical processes.
V. F. Bolyuk has developed a new direction in electrical engineering related to the creation of high-efficiency, pulse-action, cryogenic electromechanical induction converters that provide significant anchor speed with a short-acting actuator in a short time.
Liquid nitrogen in these converters is used as a cooling and insulating substance.
The main directions of scientific studies of Vladimir Fedorovich:
superconducting linear electron accelerators;
high-speed ground transport with electrodynamic suspension and linear electric motor drive;
special-purpose superconducting electromagnets and cryogenic modules;
fully superconducting turbogenerators;
linear electric motors and electric motor drives of shock action;
electromechanical pulse converters of induction type with cryoresistive windings cooled by liquid nitrogen.
V. F. Bolyukh is a member of 3 specialized scientific councils at NTU «KhPI» for the dissertation defense in the specialties: «Electrical machines and apparatus», «Technique of strong electromagnetic fields», «Electric transport, devices for measuring electrical and magnetic quantities».
Expert of the Ukrainian State Center for Prediction of Scientific, Technological and Innovative Development in the thematic area «Space Technologies in the National Economy and Dual-Use Technologies».
V. F. Bolyukh has published about 350 scientific papers and teaching manuals, including 2 monographs and 3 study guides. He is the author of 89 copyright certificates of the USSR, patents of Ukraine, Russia and the USA.
Vladimir Fedorovich's brother — Bolukh Mykola Fedorovich is a well-known artist, a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, a participant of many art exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad; lives in Poltava.
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