Access from the local university network

Since February 22, 2016 access to Chinese databases is opened  (Within the framework of the project ElibUkr)

Brief description of the database:

China STM Focus -the full-text database covering all English language scientific resources published in Mainland China. Nowadays the platform contains 198 full text journals and 2317 conference proceedings in English including natural, medical, technical, practical, social and human branches of sciences. Archive of some publications was submitted in 1935. More than 160 journals are included in SCI (Science Citation Index) and EI.

China Academic Journals Full-text Database – the full-text database of Chinese academic journals which contains more than 7,000 Chinese academic journals in a wide range of disciplines: humanitarian, social, legal sciences, life sciences, mathematics and physics, and medicine. Among them there are either the best known or regional, narrow-purpose and small-circulation publications. The full texts of publications are available from 1994.

China Yearbooks Full-text Database - the full-text database of Chinese yearbooks. It contains about 1,500 names of yearbooks in literature, philosophy, history, business, economics, law, agriculture and others. Articles of well-known specialists are published at yearbooks. The actual problems of Chinese economy, political life, and science are under discussion. Forecasts for the near future are given.

China Doctoral Dissertations Full-text Database – the full-text database of Chinese dissertations. It contains several hundred thousand doctoral and master's theses defended in China since 1994. Abstracts of dissertations are available in English.

Journals Translation Database -the English platform created for scientists who do not speak Chinese. It contains professional translation of articles from high-quality peer-reviewed Chinese scientific journals from different areas of knowledge.