Figure of speech...

On October 20, 2016, the premiere of the film «Figure of speech or a play rehearsal
in the interior of the library» took place.

Admirers of the film studio «KhPI-film» gathered at the conference hall of the library» on the 20th of October. The head of the studio, stage director Iryna Zhoresivna Faustova announced the premiere of the gaming satirical short film «Figure of speech or a play rehearsal in the interior of the library». The editor-in- chief of the university newspaper «Polytechnic» Svitlana Petrivna Zemlianska stressed the importance of speech beauty and ability of youth to express their thoughts without using slang. Kind words were addressed to the young actors of the theater «Polytechnic» by the head of the student theater of miniatures Oleksandr Ivanov. Honored artist of Ukraine, the artistic director of the theater «Lanzheron» Vitalii Bondarev shared his viewing impressions of the movie with the creative team and the audience. Cozy atmosphere of the event was also made by the employee of the museum of the National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute» Serhii Perepelytsa's musical performance, whose work always pleases the audience.