Author's Profile Publons

On April 13, 2021 from 14-00 to 15-00 we invite you to take part in the webinar «Author's Profile Publons». The webinar will be held at the request of the Scientific and Technical Library of National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute».
Speaker: Iryna Tykhonkova, Ph.D., majoring in information and analytical resources and Clarivate training.
The high-quality of submitted information about a scientist in the global information network is an urgent task. The author's scientific papers are displayed with authors’ profiles system. One of the most authoritative and important scientist profiles is Publons. The information on the registration and using the author's profile Publons, as well as maintaining it updated will be considered at the webinar.
Previous webinar on the topic:
On March 25, 2021, a seminar «Google Scholar Citation for Scientist and Institution» was held. The issue of registering a profile in the Google Scholar Citation project was considered.