Semchenko Halyna Dmytrivna


Semchenko Halyna Dmytrivna (19422016) — Doctor of Engineering (1997), Full Professor (1998), Head of the Laboratory of Refractories and Structural Materials of the Department of Technology of Ceramics, Refractories, Glass and Enamels of the National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute», Professor of the Department.

Born 12 February, 1942 in the city of Sol-Iletsk, Orenburh region.

Her labor activity began in 1959 at Kharkiv Metlakh Tile Plant (Nowadays — Kharkiv Tile Plant OJSC (Public Joint-Stock Company).

In 1964 she graduated with honors from the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute and remained to study at the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute as a postgraduate student (1965).

In 1970 she defended her Ph.D. thesis in engineering on the topic «Physical and Chemical Methods of Intensification of Sintering of Kaolinitic clay, Chamotte and Aluminosilicate Refractory Products»

From 1976 to 1991 — Deputy Dean for scientific work of the Technology of Inorganic Substances Faculty of NTU «KhPI».

During the period from 1987 to 1996 H. D. Semchenko was the chairman of the Coordinating Council of two interuniversity special purpose research programs of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, which were focused on:

— creation of new highly effective ceramic and composite materials and products made of them; hardening compositions and coatings and technologies for their production (19871993)

— development of highly efficient synthesis technologies, including low-temperature, refractory compounds and the creation of new ceramic composite and structural materials with prescribed properties (19941996).

In 1997 she successfully defended her thesis «Heat-Resistant Ceramic Materials Prepared by Sol-Gel Technology» and was awarded the degree of Doctor in Engineering.

Doctor in Engineering Science — 1997.

Since 1998 she is Full Professor.

H. D. Semchenko was an initiator, a founder and a head of the Ukrainian Ceramic Society (UCS). Not only the UCS was established with her participation (in 1998), but also a division of the Ethnology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences in the village of Opishnia of Poltava region, where the National Museum-Reserve of Ukrainian pottery is situated. The collection of publications on ceramics «Honcharska Knyhozbirnia Ukrainy» over the years was created with the help of H. D. Semchenko. Now Halyna Dmytrivna is a member of the supervisory board of the National Museum Reserve of Ukrainian pottery.

In 2011 she became a Bureau member of the Ukrainian Materials Research Society.

For her significant contribution to the national economic development, the introduction of technological achievements into the industry Halyna Dmytrivna Semchenko was awarded many state awards and medals. Among them:

• Breastplate «Inventor of the USSR» (1986);

• Medal «Veteran of Labor» (1991);

• 1 gold (1979), 5 silver and 11 bronze medals, diplomas of I and II degrees of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR (VDNKh) and USSR (1980-1991);

• Three times laureate of the prize of the All-Union Society of Inventors and Innovators (1976, 1985, 1987);

• Diploma and Gold Medal of the winner of the VII International Salon of Inventions and New Technologies «New Time»: Stable Development in Time of changes (2011);

• Medal «Gold Medal the Ukraine» — to the outstanding scientist of the world (2011);

• G. V. Samsonov Memorial Award for a significant contribution to the development of materials science (2012).

• Diploma of the winner in the contest among outstanding scientists for the M. M. Beketov nominal scholarship in the field of science in the nomination «Chemistry» (2015);

• A scholarship holder of the M. M. Beketov prize in the field of science in the nomination «Chemistry» (2015-2016).

With the participation and at the initiative of H.D. Semchenko 22 scientific and engineering conferences «Theory and Practice of Grinding, Separation, Mixing and Compacting of Materials» were held (Odessa-Zatoka, 1991-2013).

H. D. Semchenko is a member of the editorial boards of Ukrainian journals: «Ukrainske narodoznavstvo», «Khimiia i fizyka tverdoho tila», «Visnyk NTU «KhPI», «Zbirnik naukovyh prac UkrNDI vognetriviv imeni. A. S. Berezhnoho», «Ukrainskyi keramolohichnyi zhurna», «Bibliohrafiia ukrainskoho honcharstva»; as well as of editorial boards of foreign magazines – «Refractories and Technical Ceramics» and «New Refractories».

H. D. Semchenko is a member of the editorial boards of Ukrainian journals: H.D. Semchenko is an outstanding scientist in the field of ceramic materials science; a founder and a head of the scientific direction of low-temperature synthesis of refractory compounds and ultradispersed powder and the creation of high-performance structural and composite materials using the sol-gel process.

As a result of many years of scientific work and practical use of inventions, she has created a new scientific direction «Low-Temperature Synthesis of Specified Phases and Ultradispersed Powder and the Creation of High-Performance Composite Materials Using the Sol-Gel Process», which helped to create new types of equipment and materials.

Halyna Dmytrivna Semchenko has been working at NTU «KhPI» for more than 55 years. She has over 900 scientific publications; about 20 monographs, textbooks and teaching aids; almost 200 copyright certificates and patents for inventions and useful models.

In addition to fruitful scientific work Halyna Dmytrivna writes poetry. Six collections of poems have been published.

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