Rohachova Olena Ivanivna

Rohachova Olena Ivanivna —  Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor
Courses: «General Physics», «Fundamentals of Thermoelectricity», «Physical Foundations of Materials Science».
Research interests: physics of phases of variable composition, nonstoichiometry and impurities in semiconductors; quantum size effects in semiconductor nanostructures, thermoelectric and photoelectric materials science.
Publications: author or co-author of two monographs and more than 260 scientific articles, more than 280 reports at 150 conferences, including international ones.
Awards, prizes: the Order of Princess Olga of III degree (2015), regional scholarship in physics and astronomy named after K.D. Synelnykov (2013); medal «For Scientific Achievements» of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2010); Certificate of honor of the International Academy of Thermoelectricity (2009); Prize «Intellect of Kharkiv» named after L.S. Palatnyk in physics (2008); the commemorative medal of the CRDF Fund (U.S. Civilian Research & Development Foundation) and Certificate of honor of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2005) for a significant contribution to the development of international cooperation between Ukraine and the United States.