Bragina Lyudmila Lazarivna

Bragina Lyudmila Lazarivna — Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Born on June 21, 1938 in the town of Chasiv Yar, Artemivsk district, Stalin region (now — Donetsk region).
Profession and type of activity: Materials expert.
Investigation of the structure, properties of silicate melts and their interaction with steel substrate.
Development of copper-containing, cobalt-free and nickel-free primer and primer-free enamels for steel products of household appliances and water heaters using electrostatic application technology.
Creation and industrial implementation of high-temperature glass-ceramic coatings (600–1350 °C) for the metallurgical industry and heavy engineering.
Development of bioglass ceramics for bone endoprosthetics and glasses for radioactive waste immobilization.
Professor of the Department of Technology of Ceramics, Refractories, Glass and Enamels, Head of the Laboratory of Glass, Enamels and Composite Coatings of the National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute».
In 1960 she graduated from Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute (now — the National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»).
Academic degrees and titles.
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Technology of Ceramics, Refractories, Glass and Enamels of NTU «KhPI».
Honorary titles and awards:
Badge «Petro Mohyla» (2010).
2 silver and 3 bronze medals of the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNH) of the USSR and Ukraine (1980-2006).
Gold medals of the winner of the All-Ukrainian competition-exhibition «The best domestic product of 2009» and the 5th International Salon of Inventions and New Technologies «New Time».
Diploma of the winner of the competition for M.M. Beketov nominal scholarship in the field of science in the nomination «Chemistry» for outstanding scientists (2014).
Academic title and year of receipt:
1991 — Professor of the Department of Technology of Ceramics, Refractories, Glass and Enamels of NTU «KhPI».
In which institutions did she work, which positions did she hold:
Since 1960 she has been working at the National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute» (formerly — Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute) in the following positions: engineer, senior engineer, junior researcher, senior researcher, associate professor, since 1991 — Professor of ceramics, refractories, glass and enamel.
Since 1992, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the journal «Emalirovanie metallov».
Brief description of activities, main areas of research:
Thesis for the scientific degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences, specialty 05.17.11 «Zharostoykie silikatnyie pokryitiya dlya zaschityi chernyih metallov»
 [Heat-resistant silicate coatings for protecting ferrous metals].
Scientific activity in the field of refractory non-metallic materials technology, in particular, the development of scientific bases of synthesis of heat-resistant glass-ceramic thermolabile coatings for protecting ferrous metals from gas corrosion during technological heats up to 1350 °С.
She studies the mechanism of interaction of silicate melts with steel, develops a new class of cobalt-free ground glass-enamel coatings, glass frit for electrostatic enameling of steel, glass synthesis for immobilization of radioactive waste.
Significant experience in teaching the technology of refractory and non-metallic silicate materials.
She is the co-author of 6 monographs and textbooks (in Russian and Ukrainian) and more than 96 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 500 scientific publications in journals, book chapters, conference proceedings and 50 patents from various countries.
Head of state budget projects from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Reviewer and member of the editorial boards of 5 journals and collections of papers on silicate technology and materials science.
Scientific Secretary of the Enamel Section of the USSR State Committee for Science and Technology (1976-1991).
President of the Ukrainian Association of Enamellers.
Member of the International Society of materials-centric engineers and scientists ASM (American Society for Metals) International (USA) and a member of the executive and technical committees of the European Enamel Association.
Academician of the Russian Academy of Enameling.
Chairman of a number of meetings of international conferences and meetings.
Supervisor of 2 doctoral students, 15 post-graduate students and 15 masters.